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Funny penguin poems for children

Penguin poems for children

Here are some nice funny penguin videos and and poems from my other animal blog. Just check it our and comment if you like it. Milou
Penguin videos for kids

The Penguin that Couldn't Fly

I saw a penguin.
He walked right by.
He had a tear in his eye.
I heard him cry and softly sigh,
Oh I wish I could fly.

The Penguinby Roxanne Williams

 I am a bird you know quite well,
All dressed in black and white.
And even though I do have wings
They're not designed for flight.

I waddle, waddle, waddle,
On my funny little feet.
Across the icy snow I go
To find a fishy treat!


I live in an Icy place
Look like a butler from Elisabeth her grace
I swim and slide I march and glide
When I walk I leave a duck feet trace
What am I?

Funny penguin video

What am I? -  by Milou

Swimming, slipping, sliding,
What am I describing?
A little bird Of whom you’ve heard
Who also loves fish and diving

I adopted a penguin, you can feed him if you want.-:)
Just click on more, thanks Milou.

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Scary, spooky, creepy Halloween stories - Halloween stories for kids

Scary, spooky, creepy Halloween stories for kids
Halloween poems, Halloween poetry, scary Halloween poems for kids, Halloween poetry for children, Ghost stories, witch stories, skeleton stories, skull stories, witch craft, scray Halloween videos.

Halloween. Do you like Halloween stories and tales for kids and want to listen to a scary spooky Halloween podcasts, Halloween read aloud stories and free audio tales for children. Find a lot of Halloween goodies, poems and poetry on my Halloween countdown blog. Check out my blog poetry4kids you will love it! I promise, Milou
funny halloween poems for children

animal poems for kids

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Poetry For Kids - "poetry for(4) kids", short, funny poetry and poems for kids

Poetry For Kids - "poetry for(4) kids", short, funny poetry and poems for kids

Short funny poems for kids, funny poems for kids grade 1-12, funny poetry for children, funny poetry for kids all ages.

Poetry4Kids collected the most popular websites: funny poetry for kids - short funny poems for kids and poetry blogs for children and teens of all ages on the net. Funny poetry for kids and funny poems for children is an online directory with the most visited and very popular websites and poems pages for kids on, Alexa, Google and Yahoo. The best poems and poetry websites and blogs for kids in the Top 50 - Top 100.

poetry 4 kids - funny poetry for kids

This kids' poetry website and blog directory is in no order and it is not complete, so if you have any suggestions please write to me and I will add the site or blog. Thanks, Milou:-)